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Edmond Alliance was formed in response to several factors, one being that we’ve noticed citizens have a hard time sorting through what is fact and contrafactual. Social media and networking sites are a great tool, but shouldn’t be our sole source of information or have an absolute influence on the opinions we form.

We know there are several places to access local news, we hope to be the voice of reason for Edmond. We promise to make research backed data and facts available to our community.  We will engage in productive dialogue in a respectful manner. We’re committed to working alongside the city council and city management with Edmond’s future in mind. When necessary, we will take a stance on issues. We will support candidates who have a platform based on Edmond’s local needs, not a national political stance.


Research tells us that voters make decisions based on emotion, not necessarily fact. City politics can be tough to navigate, but the decisions made by municipal elections affect many aspects of our life on a daily basis. We’re here to start the conversation and we want you to be part of it. 

Here’s how you can help: 

1. If you have a question about a local issue, ask. The city staff, city council make themselves available. If you don’t know who your city council representative is, you can find them here. Access a list of city services and staff here

2. If you aren’t sure if something you see online or hear around town is absolutely true, please don’t share it without verifying. Need guidance on a topic? Feel free to reach out and ask us.

3. Educate yourself on municipal issues - we can help. If you’re wondering if city issues matter to you, they do. The streets you drive on, the parks you play in, the electricity and water in your house, the amenities you enjoys - these are all city issues. We’ll break down relevant issues and celebrate successes.  

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Edmond Alliance

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