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Our Values


 A positive sense of community is a vital component to both  keeping and attracting residents to Edmond. We support projects, partnerships and policies that focus on making Edmond a great place to live, work, and play.


We are most effective when we work towards a common goal. Putting aside preconceived notions, building relationships, and engaging in productive dialogue is essential for our city to succeed.


As leaders in our industry and community, we support and work with our elected officials in a pragmatic and positive manner to benefit the future of Edmond. 

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Both real estate and construction industries play a key role in shaping a community, increasing value both tangible through economic impact and intangible through experiences and connection. These industries create jobs, housing and commerce. We support quality projects and a fair, efficient process that allows for the industry to thrive.


 We lead the way, providing citizens with facts and research based knowledge. We don’t add to the noise or argue with naysayers, but instead provide a voice of reason with the greater good of our community as our guide.

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