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A Voice of Reason

Edmond Alliance was formed in response to several factors, one being that we’ve noticed citizens have a hard time sorting through what is fact and counterfactual. Social media and networking sites are a great tool, but shouldn’t be our sole source of information or have primary influence on the opinions we form or decisions we make.

Affordable Housing

The City of Edmond conducted an 8-month-long study of Edmond housing needs and in result, will hopefully create policies and strategies to advance our community’s housing goals. 

TIF (Tax Increment Financing)

In October 2020, The Edmond City Council declared Downtown Edmond a TIF District. The Downtown TIF District is projected to create up to $530 million in new investment.

Uncommon Ground Sculpture Park

The 62-acre Uncommon Ground Sculpture Park on E. 2nd St. at Coltrane Rd. is being developed by the French Family Charitable Foundation in partnership with the City of Edmond and generously donated to the Edmond Parks Conservancy. This public-private partnership will create a world-class destination on historic Route 66 in Edmond.  


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