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Edmond Alliance
Edmond Alliance is comprised of local business leaders who desire to build an intentional community.
Our values guide us. Our passion for Edmond unites us.
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Edmond Alliance 2050 is a 501(c)(4) Oklahoma corporation with dues paying members that will meet regularly to educate our alliance on relevant real estate and construction items through subject matter experts and discuss current topics that require action by our group. Our actions include:

  • As an alliance, we will engage in supporting responsible growth in City of Edmond projects, policies, and processes. 

  • We will offer a voice of truth based on facts and data that support the real estate and construction industries. We will oppose any false narratives being promoted by opposing voices that confuse the public.

  • We will endorse and financially support candidates for Edmond City Council and campaign for ballot measures that support the alliance as a unified body.   

Current Topics

TIF (Tax Increment Financing)

In October 2020, the Edmond City Council unanimously declared Downtown Edmond a TIF District. The Downtown TIF District is projected to create up to $530 million in new investment.

Our Values

A voice of reason, providing citizens with fact based knowledge. A pragmatic approach to fostering a thriving city.






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